Norman MacCaig, David Annand  and Robert Fergusson

Notations of ten summer minutes

A boy skips flat stones out to sea - each does fine
till a small wave meets it head on and swallows it.
The boy will do the same.

The schoolmaster stands looking out of the window
with one Latin eye and one Greek one.
A boat rounds the point in Gaelic.

Out of the shop comes a stream
of Omo, Weetabix, BiSoDol tablets and a man
with a pocket shaped like a bottle of whisky.

Lord V, walks by with the village in his pocket.
Angus walks by
spending the village into the air.

A melodeon is wheezing a clear throated jig
on the deck of the Arcadia , On the shore hills Pan
cocks a hairy ear; and falls asleep again.

The ten minutes are up, except they aren't,
I leave the village, except I don't,
The jig fades to silence, except it doesn't.

Norman MacCaig

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